What Drives Us Is Passion For Cars – Get Cash For Cars Now!

We’ll take your old cars off you no matter what condition they’re in. Get cash for cars now!

Men have this tendency to hold onto things they no longer have a need to.

Cars are at the top of that list. We offer cash for cars with the best quote in the market.

That old Buick you’ve got parked in your garage, do you really need it as much as you think you do?

Is it collecting value or dust? Get cash for your car instantly.

If your car isn’t taking you the places it used to, why not sell it to us.

SA Car Removal is a licensed Car Removal Company located in Salisbury Plains in South Australia (postcode SA 5109).

We take old cars that their users no longer need or want and give you cash for them.

To sell your old car to us please call us on (08) 82 814 625 or 0499 924 136.




It’s hard to sell a car online these days

You put an ad on The Trading Post and no-one answers it.  You pay a fee and you find you can‘t get it back.

The reality is – there are more cars in Australia than there are Macca’s drive-by outlets on the Hume Highway.

If you want to sell a car (particularly one that’s past its prime) you have to contact a cash for a car dealer.

A wrecker or a scrap car dealers. We are the best website for used cars.


Cash for car dealers will take what no-one else will

    • Cars that have been involved in accidents
    • Cars that have been damaged irreparably
    • Cars that insurance companies have written off
    • Cars that are not roadworthy
    • Cars that lack their pink or green slips

Cars with minor or major damage to their metal body work

  • Cars that have been abandoned by owners and that are lying unclaimed on a street


 What we do with cars once we buy them?

We strip them for any usable parts they may have. We sell these to dealers around Australia an overseas.

They are then take the car apart- and sell the metal as scrap to metal recycling plants in South Australia.


How satisfied are our clients? You decide

Jenny who owns a small vineyard in South Australia says:

“We had an old Ford Capri my dad used to drive around in the fifties when the cars were big.

Over time, due to the car not being used, it collected dust (not to mention rust) and was really no longer usable.

As my dad had passed away ten years ago, I wanted to get rid of the car as the memories I hold of him are in my heart – not in the car.

You will always get top cash for your junk car.


SA Car removals came the moment they were called. They were only too happy to take the car away -so I gave it to them.

T hey were kind enough to give me a token sum of $300. I hope the car give someone the same joy it gave my father.

  • Jenny Orr, Vineyard owner, Adelaide


Got a car you’d like cash for?

Get cash for cars. Give us a call at SA Car removals – we’d be only too happy to oblige. We can be contacted on (08) 82 814 625 or 0499 924 136.