Tips To Buy A New Car

You have decided you want to buy a new car. You want to smell the new car aroma and the powerful new engine. No more spilt food smell, no more stuttering engine; you want to get your new car right now. Filled with excitement you might go for an impulse buy rather than the right buy. Take your time don’t rush it. Do your research, get ready for shady car dealers and then look to buy a car. This will help you avoid whole lot of hassle and help you save your cash too.

What you need to do when buying a new car

Do your homework

Firstly think of the car brand and model you have in mind that is a perfect fit for you. Below are places you can go to check on it

  • Car manufacturer website
  • Websites & articles that give tips on buying cars
  • Car review websites & articles
  • Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) ratings
  • NRMA Insurance Reversing Visibility Index
  • NRMA Insurance Car Security Scores

Sell privately or trade-in

When you are selling you car you need to decide which one you are going for! Some points to mull over

  • A trade-in can be relatively easy and clear-cut. There are many businesses who offer top cash for old/user cars.
  • If your current car has a demand and is popular you might get a superior trade-in deal
  • Have your cars service records are of enormous help in getting the best trade-in deal.
  • Make your car look sparkling and running well to attract good trade-in values
  • You could get considerably more money if you decide to sell your car privately
  • However selling privately will cost you more in time and hassle

Take it for a spin

After you have trim down your selections start visiting dealers for test drives

  • Try to use a route that you chose for the test drive -a route that will really test out the car
  • Be patient and drive on road that has lots of conditions that puts the car through its paces
  • Make sure the test drive car has also the features you are buying in the car-in case it’s an exhibition vehicle
  • Try taking a friend so he can drive while you observer from the passenger seat-this can give you while new perspective

The right price

Make sure the car you buying is the right price for you

  • Visit many dealers (or check online) as possible to get a quote
  • Don’t buy in to “this deal is just for today” –be certain before you buy
  • Make sure the quote you are getting is for the drive away price with all other costs included
  • If you are trading in make sure what is the net price as some dealers will offer you a lesser rice if your car is old compared to a newer model
  • Don’t lie and tell of bet non-existing deals at other dealers because if you get caught it will weaken you ability to get a good deal

Compliance plate

A car’s compliance plate date might not essentially be the same as the manufacture plates date. This is common especially for cars manufactured in a foreign country. The compliance plate in cars in Australia only tells you when the car was permitted for sale in Australia.

Watch out for extras

Car salesmen will try toad on lots of extra features to sweeten the deal at an extra charge. If the features don’t come with the car it is because it is not critical. Also some extra features have to be factory fitted to come under warranty thus be careful if you want to sign up for an extra

Get your finances in order

In almost every sensible scenario you’re better off setting up your own finance compared to going through the car dealer. Having your finance already sorted gives you confidence, peace of mind and more solid negotiating leverage.

Seal the deal

So you have done your research, gone through your checklists, got your money ready hers what you need to do before you sign the dotted line

  • Make certain it’s the correct model with all the feature you want
  • Confirm all is perfect before you sign-after you sign will be hard to get things done
  • Be sure to do the paper work correctly
  • Don’t pay any deposits unless you are 1000% certain if the deal falls apart you will get your cash back. If paying; pay your deposit with a credit card so you can use the chargeback system if it does not fall through
  • Finally have your car insurance up before you drive away for the first time

If you have covered all we have discussed here you are ready to buy your new car and drive away in to the sun set from Yorke Peninsula to Port Augusta…

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