Cash For Blown Head Gasket Cars & Tip On Changing The Gasket

When you hear a blown head gasket you immediately feel your wallet getting lighter.

What Is A Blown Head Gasket?

You might not have come across it but maybe a friend of yours might have had to… The bill is so expensive that you might think you will have to sell some of your stuff or get a part-time job. So why is blown head gasket so expensive to repair?

Pricey to replace

If you research top 5 most expensive parts in a car to repair you will find head gasket repair in there. The price to replace a head gasket can range from A$600 to A$800. This is an average price but depending on the vehicle you have it could be more or even less if you’re lucky!

The high costs do not come for the head gasket itself but finding a suitable head gasket along with the labour costs to fix it up.  To restore this gasket you need to remove a considerable part of the car engine and its accessories. In addition to the removal, putting the engine back together is not an easy task of just replacing parts and fastening screws.

Fixing is not easy

A lot of the components that require being fixed again after a new head gasket is put in needs precise torque settings to make sure a good seal and no damage done. Furthermore, removal of the cylinder heads on a car engine means that you have to make certain when it is put back that the engine is timed properly to make certain additional engine damage does not take place.

Based on the vehicle you drive these complications can be greatly enhanced. At times when you take out the engine, you will see other parts worn out and you will need to replace them as well. Replacing these parts is a wise choice as it may become worse in the future and have a negative effect on your head gasket. Thus your head gasket fixes up cost will further go up…

Replace your head gasket or sell your car

All the above factors can tally up and make your blown head gasket repair bill very expensive. The good news is that you do have another alternative. That is looking to sell your car for cash.

Depending on the situation you are in it could be wise to look to sell your car for cash than look to repair it. You will be able to get a good price for your car when you take all things into account –it will be cheaper than looking to repair the head gasket. There are many businesses in Adelaide who give cash for used and damaged cars. The best way for you to find one is by researching.

How To Find A Car Removal Business To Sell Your Gasket Problem Cars For Cash In Adelaide?

You can make use of on TV, radio, print media, newspapers, directories, and the web. The most efficient & simple option is to search online via Google or Bing search –organic search results and paid ads will be shown and can help you choose. If your vehicle meets particular criteria’s you will put yourself in a good position to get a good price for your damaged car. The correct car age, type, and brand can be critical factors in you getting a good value for your automobile.

A tricky situation where you had to spend a lot of money to replace your head gasket can turn in to a small profit by selling your car. So make sure if replacing your head gasket or selling your car is the best option for you to take


The above article tells you what a head gasket is and why it’s so costly to replace. Also explained is how hard it is to fix up an engine in terms of labour and the mechanical aspects of fixing an engine. In addition, we analyze is it worth to fix up your head gasket or look to sell your car and to who you can sell it to.

Fixing up a head gasket is no easy task; so take all points listed here to come up with a good decision when you look to replace your car head gasket…

Tips On Changing a Car Head Gasket by SA Car Removal offering cash for cars in Adelaide at up to A$9,999