Which is the Best Place to Sell an Unwanted Car in Adelaide?

When your car’s been in an accident, or has simply passed its useful life, you may want to Sell Your Car for Cash in Adelaide. Selling such a car by advertising it online is always going to be a hassle. 

Sell Unwanted Car Adelaide

Besides the cost of advertising, the ads take time to work. The average time it takes to sell an old car in Adelaide is now 6 months. Even after 6 months, though, many cars that are wrecked or that have damaged in accidents still don’t sell. 

You can get an old car removed in Adelaide for FREE

A lot of people still believe that when they need to get rid of an old car themselves. So they call a towing service who charges them $60 or more to tow their car away. 

Adelaide residents  no longer need to do this. Now, they can simply call a Cash for Cars company like SA Car Removal who will remove their cars for FREE.

That’s right – we provide FREE towing when you sell your old, scrap or damaged car to us! 

How can any company afford to provide a service for free?

It’s very simple – SA Car Removal is not just a car buyer but also auto wreckers. We want your car for the spare parts in it. That is why we’re happy to buy the car from you, even if it’s damaged and throw in a FREE Car Removal Adelaide as part of the package. Why give your car away when you can exchange it for cash?

SA Car Removal Adelaide is a Licensed Cash For Car Dealer 

What this means is you can expect the highest standards of ethics and service from us. We won’t make you a promise unless we can keep it. So we won’t tell you a price over the phone and then cut it by half after we inspect your car in person.

Experienced in this business, one of our strengths is our ability to accurately quote on cars over the phone itself. This saves you time, it saves us time too. 

We operate between the letter of the law and pay prices that we constantly benchmark to the market. Our goal is to understand the market price and to beat it by a small percentage.

This guarantees you, our customer, of  service you can always rely on and be happy with. 

 A round the clock service  

Time is precious. We get that at SA Car Removal. Which is why we rotate our staff so we provide a 24X7 service to you. Let us know when would be a convenient time for you and we’ll schedule your Free Car Removal for that time. Our goal is to make the car selling process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. 

To get an Instant Cash for Cars Quote or to book your Free Car Removal today, call us on 0499 924 136 or email us at info@sacarremoval.com.au