2016 Toyota Hilux 4×4 Double Cab Pickup Review

At long last the eighth generation 2016 Toyota Hilux Pickup has arrived…

Taken apart and built from scratch for any road conditions

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The Toyota Hilux has always had a reputation as pickup that can do almost anything. The toughness and dependability has made it a foremost pick in challenging environments. How about a seafood frontier road trip from Adelaide to port Augusta? This pickup is ideal for you.

The Toyota Hilux is proud record holder for being the top selling one-tonne pickup truck ever since it has been on sale with over 20 million sales to date and counting.

Power to rule

First impressions always count and the Toyota Hilux  has a presence to inspire confidence to its drivers and passengers.  No more is the compressed and silky look of the earlier models. Toyota has gone with competitors Ford & Volkswagen by making a larger body and thereby going for a gigantic and intimidating look-Beastly!

On the truck

Very much advanced than before! Despite the high bonnet, all-round clarity is shockingly exceptional. The interior is cozy starting with the driver’s seat which can be electronically operated which will be of great help to drivers with various physiques.

A simple design has been used for the dashboard layout and the entire truck. A new feature is the 7 inch touch screen display that is very sharp and clear cut. However this isn’t the most responsive of systems which is a major disappointment …to get any reaction out of it get ready to give it a good clout!

On the freeway

Australian buyers will have a powerful 2.8-litre diesel engine to take them where they need to go. When you look at the engine specs by Toyota this is a plucky option when considering over 70% of seventh-gen sales were with the 3.0-litre engines.

However Toyota has informed us that the new engine, which generates 148bhp and 295lb ft-has more torque than the departing 3.0-litre models. Thought it’s much smoother and enhanced than the previous models when it comes to torque power it falls below expectations no matter what the manufacturer may tell us.

Competition for the Hilux will come in the form of Volkswagen’s Amarok V6 and Ford’s five-pot 3.2-litre Ranger models. Ford and Volkswagen will be the main alternatives for consumers.

With a built-in six-speed automatic or manual transmission the Hilux can reach up to 41.5mpg on the combined cycle. As exciting as it sounds this is just par for the course with the many pickups in the market today offering a minimum 42mpg.

Drive and handling is quite excellent, though Toyota has gone with a deep-rooted leaf-spring display at the back of the truck. Torsional rigidity has shot up by 30% in comparison with previous models. This feature is vital in helping its handling, ride and durability. This has made Toyota one of the top selling used trucks in the market today.

Albeit it’s leaf-sprung setup is nowhere comfortable as the self-sufficient coil springs of its competitors such as the Nissan’s NP300 Navara.  The leaves have been extended by 100mm to reduce the force of uneven surfaces better than most pickups on sale nowadays.


This eighth generation Hilux brings the superlative features of its earlier models renowned off road ability except is improved for better advance and departure angles. With a 4wd system with modes to select that is electronically controlled, front and back limited-slip discrepancy alongside a locking function in the back.

Though carrying additional weight the Hilux is just as speedy off road as it is on the highway…An Additional feature is an oil temperature sensor that automatically corrects the all-wheel-drive system to stop overheating when driving in 4wd mode.

Haul muscle  

The Hilux’s towing capability has risen to a class toping staggering 3.5 tonnes which is what all heavy duty operators look for. The load bay is the biggest in pickups on sale coming in at a incredible 1525mm long by 1645mm wide dimension. On the other hand the max payload comes in at 1110kg which is just about par when you look at other picks in the market.

The Verdict

A big Yes!

When you compare with other pickups in the market it may not be the most capable or the most affordable or even the most comfortable.

But the Toyota Hilux is an established pickup with renowned Toyota brand name; that has built a huge reputation as a “go anyplace do anything kind of beast of a pickup truck”.

With a superior build, on road/ off-road competence that is peerless, along with a 3.5t towing power, the eighth-generation Hilux is in spite of of fierce challenge – one of the best pickups if not best on sale today.

For the Australian buyer who wants to do daily tasks, to the heavy duty users who is looking for pulling power, or the outdoorsmen who wants to explore Adelaide on a road trip this Toyota pickup can do it all…

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